Flash Cards GPL, Android App


Flash Cards GPL does flash cards and more. It's no-cost, open source, and ad-free. The goal is a tool to ease memorization. It can mimic traditional flash cards as well as behave like a multiple-choice quiz. Mistakes are tracked and can be automatically repeated, as an option, until learning appears to have been achieved. Custom flash cards can be created on-line for free, though any images would have to be added afterward on a PC.


Download pre-made cards

The app contains four examples but more are available to download. All you need is to enter the 4-letter code within the app to add the cards. Internet access is required. If you'd like to share your own cards with others, email me and I'll add them to the list.
Download codeSizeDescription
GEAF1 MBGeography, Countries in Africa (maps)
GEEU1.2 MBGeography, Countries in Europe (maps)
GESA200 KBGeography, Countries in South America (maps)
OSCR5 KBAcademy Awards, Best Pictures by Year

How to create your own cards

Click here for the online tool. This tool will guide you through the process of creating your own flash cards. When you're done, you can fetch them from your device using a 4-letter code, or you can transfer them yourself via USB or your own network. (Direct link to tool)

License & Source



I'm having a problem. What should I do?
Please email me with a thorough description of the problem and how to reproduce it. There are a lot of hardware and software configurations out there and I can only test so many of them. Hopefully we can figure out an easy fix for you. My email address should be at the top of this page.
I'm getting a force-close. Should I report it?
If it's frequent (more than once or repeatable), please let me know! If it's extremely rare, please mention that when you report it.
How long will my cards be available to download?
To protect your privacy, cards are automatically deleted 14 days after creation. If you would like your cards to last a different length of time, email me with your download code.
My cards have both "forwards" and "reverse" directions (e.g. Spanish->English and English->Spanish). How can I quiz just one direction? Do I need to make another set of cards?
If you created your cards in the normal way, creating one table with both topics, then you can use the Subset feature. From the main menu, select Options. Under Card subsets, select either Cards 1,3,5... or Cards 2,4,6,.... Any randomization will occur after the subset is made.
On my Honeycomb tablet, the fonts and buttons are pretty small.
You may have the Android feature, "Stretch to fill screen," enabled. Try turning that off. On my Samsung Tab, there's a "Zoom to fill screen" option that works well.
I decreased the countdown to 0 seconds and now I can't increase it because it doesn't show up!
On the "Pause" screen (press <Back>) there should a "Reset timer" button. Press that to reset to 20 seconds.
I'd like to compile my own version and put my own branding on it. Is that okay? How do I do that?
Yes, that's perfectly fine however your distributed version must also be licensed under the GPLv3. You'll need the Android SDK and some build tools. You can easily remove the bundled flash cards and include your own if you wish. It shouldn't be hard to strip it down if that's what you'd like. Email me if you need help.
I have a great idea to improve the program. What should I do?
By all means, tell me about it! You're welcome to download the source and implement it if you're so inclined.