Create your own Flash Cards
The following screens will guide you through the process of making your own flash cards files for the Flash Cards GPL Android app.
The process starts with defining the cards in a spreadsheet program, such as the free LibreOffice. The definitions are then loaded into a web page and saved on our server. Once they're saved, they can be downloaded to your phone or tablet using a short code and an optional password that you provide. If you want to include images (png/jpg) on your flash cards, the process becomes more involved. To achieve this, you'd need to download a zip file and include your own images before copying it to your Android device. Instructions for adding images
This process is free.
There is no financial charge nor any request for you to reveal any personal or contact information. You may provide a password with your flash cards to ensure that only people with that password may access the cards you create. Your cards will be automatically deleted from our server after two weeks. You are able to save a backup copy on your computer if you'd like.
We are not responsible for any loss.
You are using this free service of your own will and we are not responsible for any loss of any kind as a direct or indirect use of this process or Flash Cards GPL.