Share / WiFi GPL, Android App


Share / WiFi lets you send Youtube videos and web links from one Android device to another. I wrote it to send Youtube videos from my phone to an MK802II Android Stick connected to my TV. This way I didn't have to use my wireless mouse to navigate the Youtube App on the tv.

It also works with web pages and other URLs. If I'm viewing a web page on my phone, I can use this to open the web page on my TV.


License & Source



  1. Install this app on two devices
  2. Run the app on the TV device
  3. Click the "start service" button
  4. Select a Youtube video on the other device
  5. Click the "Sharing" icon in Youtube
  6. Select "... WiFi" from the list that appears
  7. The video should now start on the TV


I'm having a problem. What should I do?
Please email me with a thorough description of the problem and how to reproduce it. There are a lot of hardware and software configurations out there and I can only test so many of them. Hopefully we can figure out an easy fix for you. My email address should be at the top of this page.
I'm getting a force-close. Should I report it?
If it's frequent (more than once or repeatable), please let me know! If it's extremely rare, please mention that when you report it.
Will this work if the two Android devices are on different networks?
No. Both devices must be on the same WiFi network. In particular, the subnet mask should be or more restrictive.
What kind of password or encryption is used?
Nothing is used. If you are running the server, then anyone with network access to your device could start Youtube videos or send links to the web browser. They would first need to guess your WiFi password.
Can I install the app on multiple clients in the same subnet?
Yes. That's not a problem. They'll each be able to control the server.
Can I have multiple servers in the same subnet?
Yes, but only one should be active at a time. If multiple servers are running, they will all act in response to a request. The source is available here if you'd like to change that behavior.
I'd like to compile my own version and put my own branding on it. Is that okay? How do I do that?
Yes, that's perfectly fine however your distributed version must also be licensed under the GPLv3. You'll need the Android SDK and some build tools. Email me if you need help.
I have a great idea to improve the program. What should I do?
By all means, tell me about it! You're welcome to download the source and implement it if you're so inclined.